St Andrew's Ashton

New City Catechism

This year as a whole church family we are going to learn a catechism together! A catechism is just a way to learn truths about God together through questions and answers. We are going to learn the New City Catechism which has 52 weeks of questions and answers; it is available with shorter answers for children and longer answers for adults.

Every week in our Morning Service we will look at the shorter version together and there will be a Family Together Card that will accompany each week to help families learn together.

Download the latest Family Together Card here

There are Web and Mobile Apps to accompany the catechism. The website is The Mobile App details are below.

Each question has a Bible verse, prayer, commentary (for adults) and songs (aimed at kids) to accompany it! The songs are embedded in both the Web and Mobile Apps, or you can download them here:

Book versions are available at the back of church: The 'for kids' version is £1.50 and the full version is £5.

See last week's Family Together Card here.