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We believe Jesus is good news for every tribe, tongue, and nation and so as we bring the gospel to Ashton-on-Ribble, we partner with other Christians living and speaking for Jesus in different parts of the UK and the world. Our partnership is expressed in three ways:
  • Prayer – we pray regularly in our services, at our prayer meetings, and individually for our mission partners and they pray for us.
  • Money – we support our mission partners financially so they can focus on evangelism, discipleship, and training locally.
  • Visits – our mission partners come and visit us as a church to encourage and update us face-to-face on life and ministry and we encourage church family to visit them when possible. 

Our Mission Partners:


Richard, Cathy, Mari & Amy East


Where? London

With? OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship)

The Easts moved to London in 2020. Richard is working with Japanese students in London's Universities.

Dan, Geraldine, Zoe & Luke Freeman


Where? The Parish of the Risen Lord, Preston

With? The Church of England

Dan & Geraldine were members of St Andrew's from September 2013 to August 2017. During that time Geraldine served as a Pastoral Assistant and Dan served as a Ministry Trainee at St Andrew's. They moved to London in September 2017 so that Dan could train to be a Vicar in the Church of England. They have since moved back to Preston as Dan became Curate at The Parish of the Risen Lord.

Andrew, Eunice & Joy Moody


Where? Uganda & South Sudan

With? Crosslinks

Andrew & Eunice have been serving in Uganda for many years working in medical clinics, running a Christian bookshop and training people to teach the Bible. Following visits to South Sudan in 2016 they have more recently been focussing on training Christian leaders in the South Sudanese refugee camps in Uganda. Their daughter, Joy, is at college in Northern Ireland.

Anna & Sanyi Poór

Anna  Sanyi

Where? Budapest, Hungary

With? Crosslinks

Anna moved to Budapest from Kent in 2014 to work for Acorn Camps, a Christian charity in Hungary that runs English Language Christian Camps for teenagers and supports churches with their youthwork. Find out more about Acorn Camps here.

Boaz & Katy Williams

Boaz & Katy

Where? Manchester

With? UCCF (Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship)

Boaz moved to Manchester in September 2017 to work with students at the universities in Manchester and Bolton. His job involves supporting and equipping students in university Christian Unions to tell other students about Jesus. This includes discipling Christian students, developing leaders and speaking at outreach events. Find out more about UCCF here.